Producent wycieraczek systemowych

Over 20 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects.


In today’s world of modern architecture, facility entrance matting systems are the most important and at the same time, the most difficult design element of an entrance. Our twenty years of experience enables us to offer system flooring and matting adapted to the latest, most startling needs.

The flooring systems not only constitute an external decoration of the entrance to the building, but above all protect its interior from dirt brought in from the outside. An essential principle of the structure of our mats is an aesthetic blending them into the ground in front of the entrance. We always adapt to the area designated by the customer, even if it has a customised shape. We are not discouraged by this, but we offer functional, practical solutions for everyone, In respect of incoming and outgoing traffic, the solutions are effective.

The entrance systems should be easy to disassemble for periodic cleaning. Prior to installation, the height of the mat, the type of aluminium profile and the top cladding and the length and width are all chosen. All operations related to the choice of the mats, the joining of the various aluminium profiles, and their installation require specialist knowledge and architectural arrangement skills.



Cleaning mats with a height of 11/13 mm - CLASSIC

classic with field

Mats fit perfectly into an inlet of ceramic tile. Used in entrances with a low level of the traffic intensity.

Cleaning mats with a height of 15/17/19 mm - ROBUST

Maty czyszczące o wysokości 15-17-19 mm - ROBUST
Cleaning mats with a height of 15/17/19 mm - ROBUST

Mats with a high resistance to dynamic loads. Perfect for an inlet of ceramic tile. Used for the entrances with a medium to high volume of traffic.

Cleaning mats with a height of 18/22 mm – CLASSIC

Cleaning mats with a height of 18/22 mm – CLASSIC

Mats are an economical alternative for facilities with a medium and high level of traffic. They can also be used in a combination with a vertical scrubbing profile.

Cleaning mats with a height of 22/24 mm - ROBUST

Maty czyszczące o wysokości 22-24 mm - ROBUST
Cleaning mats with a height of 22/24 mm - ROBUST

Reinforced mats are perfect for higher dynamic loads. They are primarily appropriate for the high-traffic entrances with a function of transporting products on the trolleys.

Cleaning mats with a height of 24/27/29 mm - SPECIAL

Maty czyszczące o wysokości 24-27-29_mm
Cleaning mats with a height of 24/27/29 mm - SPECIAL

Mats of this type are good for round doors and other complex surfaces. They can be used for the entrances with a high and very heavy levels of traffic.

Cleaning mats with a height of 24/27/29 mm - PREMIUM

Premium felt and linear brush

Mats with a modern, elegant appearance for the entrances of residential and commercial buildings with a high level of traffic. Perfect for shaping curves.


  1. Real rubber resistant to abrasion and temperature changes.
  2. Cleaning insert permanently glued to the aluminium profile, long lasting and guarantees optimal cleaning performance.
  3. Rounded profile allows the footwear to be directly in contact with the cleaning surfare and not the aluminium frame.
  4. Profile walls their structure allow for a maximal load of up to 2000kg, twice as strong as profiles from other manufacturers.
  5. Acoustic proofing long lasting and does not accumulate moisture, like foam used by other manufacturers.
  6. Linear brush nylon 0,4 mm; elastic and resistant to abrasion, its shape allows for the cleaned dirt to fall underneath the cleaning mat which allows easy cleaning of the mat itself
  7. Rust-proof nails stabilize the cleaning insert making sure it does not move out of place, resistant to cleaning agents and road salt
  8. Rubber distances provides stability and elasticity, made out of real rubber, resistant to low temperatures and shifting of the mat.
  9. Stainless steel cables keep the mat allined, standard distance
    is 30 cm between one another, 15 cm in the case of high-traffic mats.

Manufacturer Of Entrance Matting Systems

Our offer includes entrance profiles featuring the low, medium and high level of the traffic intensity. The aluminium profiles used are permanently connected with the very strong materials, i.e. stainless-steel cords with adjusted diameters and characterized by high strength, with aligned intervals of 15-30 cm. These are decisive properties for the strength and long-term life cycle of entrance matting systems.


We offer our services already at the design stage. This enables you to have the mats adapted to the building in every respect, both in terms of dimensions and visual adjustment of the mats to the facility.


We focus on educating our employees. Therefore, our designers produce system flooring like nobody else. They know how to adapt them to a facility, both for indoor and outdoor use, while maintaining the overall aesthetics.


Our extensive experience gained over the years and maintained to this day, inspires trust among our customers. That is why our clients include brands such as Maserati, Ferrari, Gucci and Armani.


Regardless of the stage of preparation and the functionality of a building, as well as an implementation of our project, we willingly consult with the customer. We are open to suggestions and propositions, to find what will be best for the concerned facility. We always offer the most practical solutions.


Due to the broad range of mats manufactured, we always try to suggest the best solutions. We advise you on the best solutions as outdoor flooring systems must have the appropriate aluminium profiles, height, top cladding and be of the right width and length. Only then will they fulfil their function.


Years of work in installing entrance matting systems give us an advantage over other companies. Our installation specialists are second to none. They know how to install the matting systems well, regardless of the terrain, facility or premises. They guarantee that a entrance matting system will always be in the appropriate place.


Our flooring matting systems are very versatile and can be installed in almost any facility. They are stable, robust and made exactly to size. Such an aluminium flooring system is the best alternative to a rubber doormat, so-called honeycombs.


The entrance matting systems are an essential element that every host of a  facility should think about. They look like an invitation, they ensure cleanliness and comfort in a facility. Moreover, they show that the owner of the building or premises cares about all the details and well-being of their guests.


Our offer includes personalised flooring systems, too. They will perfectly complement the entrance to a company, emphasising professionalism and attention to detail. Many recognised companies can be found among our customers such as Gucci, Armani, GEOX, Swarovski, as well as BMW, Maserati and Ferrari.