The BELA cleaning or system entrance mats fitted into the floor are world class.

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Our company’s product compete with the world’s best German inventors and manufacturers of aluminium mats, such as Emco or Gegus.

In today’s solutions of state-of-the-art architecture, cleaning mats are the most important and also the most difficult entrance element. Bela footwear cleaning systems has been providing the most practical and functional solutions for over 20 years.

The idea is that cleaning mats on aluminium profiles have to be aesthetically integrated with the entrance’s floor. The design, execution and assembly must ensure the mat’s furnishing to size, aesthetic appearance and ability to dismantle them easily for weekly cleaning in buildings with average and high pedestrian traffic.

It is important to consult the architect’s design with Bela to enable dismantling and cleaning of the professional footwear cleaning system by cleaning companies.

The cleaning mats manufactured to size must be wisely and skilfully selected in terms of the aluminium profile type, its height, surface lining, length and size.

The Bela system mats provide unlimited capabilities in terms of profile type selection.

We have profiles for individual entrances with low, medium and high pedestrian traffic.

We combine aluminium profiles with adapted durable stainless steel links with the correct diameters, durability and at intervals of 15 or 30 cm.

The entire irregular shape of the cleaning mat can be arranged in a manner to ensure the stability of its surface, prevent profile overlapping, ensure their coherence, and to prevent the weight of one cleaning mat exceeding the acceptable ergonomics standards and to allow two maintenance men to lift it, clean it and insert it back into place without devastating the adjacent walls, window panes and other entrance elements.

Cleaning mats manufactured to size is not only a craftsmanship of combining aluminium profiles, but also great knowledge and experience based on a well thought-out designing not only in terms of space, architectural colours, but also in terms of long usability and simple operation.

The Bela footwear cleaning systems is a reliable manufacturer that is constantly developing and teaching design engineers the most important assumptions for building high-quality system mats. We provide consulting and designing of any practical solutions free-of-charge to architects and investors.

We have LOGO mats. We make them for such companies as GEOX, Sworowski, Gucci or Armani. Our mats are used by BMW and Ferrari Masserati salons. We supply mats all around Europe.

Our strategic partner is Rossmann, which prioritises floor and entrance cleanliness and safety.

We quickly process orders, we need just 5 working days to manufacture 10-20m2 designs.

We deliver ready-to-use, furnished to size cleaning mat rolls through shipment to the specified address all over Europe.


Our “SUPER MATS” involve 20 years of experience.

The photo gallery speaks for itself. The BELA footwear cleaning systems is an engaged manufacturer of cleaning mats with worldwide reputation.


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