Public utility, office, manufacturing or commercial and service buildings in the European climate require adequate protection against dirt, moisture, sand and quartz grains carried in on footwear. The indoor doormats well matched not only to the space they are to occupy, but also the aesthetics of the building and its interior are a great solution. The professionally chosen internal system doormats enable you to protect  flat surfaces properly. They can also be safely used as the elements levelling the different heights of the ground, where they act as a ramp. Each indoor entrance doormat is made to order according to the instruction and wishes of the customer.

Aesthetic and functional indoor doormats

The professional entrance flooring and mats constitute an optimal solution for most business applications. The possibility of choosing a type in detail, adjusting their dimensions, and often personalise them, makes the entry mats made to the size are the most commonly met in most commercial applications. The high-quality Indoor Entrance Mats can feature the selected inserts – liner, brush, rubber and rep ones, or their variations. They are based on a robust structure made of  stainless materials in order to ensure durability and safety of use.

Why choose indoor aluminium doormats?

The choice of a way to protect  rooms against dirt carried in should take place at the interior design stage. The conventional surface solutions such as the rolled felt doormats or other materials may not work, especially in buildings with heavy pedestrian traffic. The durable, integrated with the floor surface entrance doormats are characterised by the fact you can use them for a long period and by the fact that they are installed below  floor level, so that most of the dirt remains on the mat.

Furthermore, the entrance mats ensure visitors’ safety use thanks to a possibility of embedding them at floor level, without creating dangerous thresholds and unnecessary architectural barriers. A well-chosen indoor aluminium doormat can be a way to showcase your company.

Entrance mats made to size – choice and use

Indoor matting systems should be adapted to the entrance space so that their length ensures the best conditions for efficiency. The type of the insertions also depends on the intensity of  traffic, as well as the location of the entrance to the building or  premises. If there are any places in the environment that can cause the entering persons to carry in more dirt, the indoor doormat should have a deeper fitting, higher profiles, intensively cleaning materials, and often a larger space for gathering dirt. All entrance doormats that are already in use require cleaning on a regular basis and an intensity of cleaning should be adapted to both the level of the traffic and a quantity of dirt resulting from it, for example, from a particular season or adverse atmospheric conditions. We invite you to familiarise yourself with the offer of the company. We will find a perfect solution for your needs.