Doormats with a Logo – a Showcase of Your Company

Imagine the best marketing gimmick of your company. The one that immediately catches attention of the new customers and simultaneously makes it evokes positive emotions in visitors. The gimmick that presents the company 24 hours a day is inexpensive and emphasizes the attention to detail of its owner. These are just the roles that doormats with a logo play. This excellent marketing idea makes a good impression right at the entrance. Our entrance flooring systems with graphic signs offer even more!

Doormats with a Logo

Why choose doormats with an overprint?

The entrance flooring systems with a logo are one of the most effective forms of promotion. From the very beginning, customers and other  visitors can see how much you care about the details in your company. This is a confirmation of professionalism and commitment. Furthermore, a mat with a logo promptly catches the eye. It stands out  among the grey, standard and blending into the outdoor doormats.

The mats with a logo are a quick way to success. When a customer wants to procure a specific product, they will start choosing from the companies, which logo seems familiar to them. That is why enterprises choose the various forms of promotion, including the pens, notepads, and personalised cars. The doormats with the logo of the company fulfil exactly the same function. If many passers-by pass your company on an everyday basis, a personalised doormat will start to attract them like a magnet. You can put anything you want on it. The logo is cut with a plotter from the various types of colourful carpets, and then installed on aluminium profiles, which ensures a long service life.

personalized doormats
advertising doormats

By choosing  commercial flooring systems, you can show the way to the door of your company. This is particularly useful when sharing  real property with the others. A pretty personalised entrance doormat evokes the positive emotions and is associated with the friendly customer service. Remember, people pay attention not only to the entirety, but also to the detail.

In our company, the original solutions that will not be lost in the noise of the clichéd range  of advertisements that can be found. Our advertising flooring systems with logos are widely used.

Use of logomats with an overprint

Our entrance flooring systems with a logo are there, first and foremost, to take care of your image. However, their functionality is also important. After all, an essential task of a doormat with an inscription is to effectively prevent the transfer of dirt. That is why the Bela company focuses on quality. Our products are made of robust and extremely universal aluminium, which is very easy to clean. So, you do not have to worry that the care of these doormats with a company logo will be time-consuming and demanding. Moreover, you will reduce expenses linked to cleaning the building more frequently.

The flooring systems are extremely functional. They retain nearly 90% of dirt brought in from the outside. For this reason, the different facilities, not just only the offices and shops choose them. The doormats with a logo of a company are also used in:

  • hotels,
  • car dealerships,
  • manufacturing halls,
  • industrial plants,
  • transport companies,
  • swimming pools and gyms,
  • all public buildings.
The broad range of colours available enables you to match with the right colour.
The broad range of colours available enables you to match with the right colour.

What else distinguishes our doormats with a logo?

Our mats with a logo are tailored to the needs of each customer. They are robust, durable, resistant to damage and extremely easy to clean. The mats with the Bela overprint are known all over Europe. In order to meet the expectations of customers, we offer assistance, advice and support at every stage of the design and installation of the mats.